Potential Beauty

“Give time, give space to sprout your potential. Awaken the beauty of your heart – the beauty of your spirit. There are infinite possibilities.”- Amit Ray

I decided to name the November blog “Potential Beauty” not only because I release the single this month but also because I’d like to put a spin on the phrase to address something else important. This month I’ve been thinking a lot about this song and even though it deals with a love story that never fully played out. The spin that I’d like to put on the phrase is a spin that addresses some of the thoughts I’ve had along the lines of somethings being potentially beautiful.

Even though the song “potential beauty” has a tone of finality and closure, not everything that is beautiful should be left or given up on. It’s important to know when it will serve you to continue to fight and/or pursue something and when it no longer serves you..  Creating music has not been easy, not writing, arranging, or even recording has been a walk in the park.  It has been a journey that I had been pondering giving up on. Yes music is my passion but passion isn’t the only thing that we have to address as human beings living on earth.  Outside influences and factors have dampened my mood and my determination, but I can’t let my goal just turn into something that was potentially beautiful.

So even in the thick of it, I dedicate this blog post to all of you out there who haven’t quite just made it yet. Keep pressing and you will complete the work you have begun. Most times we want things and we want it now. Do not let your goals wither into just “potential”. Sometimes you need to pause and pick things up with fresh eyes and a fresh attitude. Your goals are beautiful and be sure to see that beauty fulfilled and realized.

Until next time