A second look in the second month

I recently joined an amazing jobbing band and we were blessed to receive the opportunity to fly to Panama & play for a wedding. I had not been out the country (excepting Mexico) in years. I was surprised to learn that we had time to explore and enjoy the things panama had to offer before required to burn up the stage! in my solitude in another country I was able to look at my life and its current happenings with a birds eye view. Traveling is amazing and healthy for broadening your mindset and horizons. I sat in my room and realized that I have so much to do. This is the life I have decided I want: to sing and travel. Not to say I didn’t have any plans in place but I almost felt as if Panama itself was asking me….”are you working as hard as you can/should? I looked at things in my life a second time and realized how unimportant they really were. Are the things that I value helping propel my dreams and desires forward? Are the people I’m around or seeking validation from monumental in things I’d like to pursue? The beauty of Panama helped me see more clearly the superficial things in America I decided to worry about. At sometime you have to decide not to be bothered, phased, or concerned  with things or people or ideas that don’t add to or complement you and your vision. It took this trip to prompt me to do some re-prioritizing. However this is a great question to ask yourself in your life.  Don’t lose sight and stay true to your plan, be  sure your actions and your circle are also complementary to your passions.