change with the times.

Do you ever find yourself feeling restless? In a since of wanting things and people to stay the same? I’m learning that in life we have these comfortable spots (time periods) in life that seem to good to be true or almost perfect. I’ve been waxing nostalgic lately. My mind has been drifting back to the day where I felt I had so many friends and my support system was HUGE! Those were my college days. I seemed to be around so many positive people that were almost always available and things and times change and eventually we as people change with them. Even though we adapt and are used to the set we currently find ourselves in its only human to miss those (good days). I have taken nostalgia as a sign that there needs to be some improvements to my current situation. For me this simply means that its time to strengthen the relationships that I already have. Sometimes its good to go over things like this and instead of saying “ah life was so good then” it just simply means “what can I do to ensure that life is good NOW?” We all want to be whole and loved and that’s human. My question to you is what are you doing to ensure that you are whole and loved? What we want doesn’t always just falls in our laps sometimes we just have to put some effort into the matter. The times change and so do we, but how do we change with the times effectively? This question has been one of my biggest because I’ve always been disgruntled when change would knock on the door in some area of my life. My mentor would always be there to remind me that the only thing permanent is change. Its up to me to deal with it in a healthy way.