“Every Successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on a community of persons working together”-Paul Ryan

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about community the past few weeks. I’ve come to realize how community affects the health of my vision.

Health of my vision….

My vision is to create music that expresses, heals, and inspires. My vision includes making a name for myself and having satisfied customers. Spreading joy through music is definitely my goal. The vision is solid but the health of the vision can alter from good to bad and everything in between.  My Community affects my vision. We’ve all heard the saying “you are what you eat.” This is true for every part of our being; physically mentally, and emotionally. Your community is part of your diet. You ingest their joy, pain, negativity, and everything else on the spectrum of what it means to be human. Sometimes we lose sight of the fact that the people around us contributes to how we feel and even how we process and see the world. It’s pertinent to understand what your community is feeding you especially when you are on a mission and when you have a specific goal and vision.  There are several roles that you should be sure to have in your community:

  1. The nurturer- Who believes in you? Who the cheerleader for your business, your new idea, your passion? The nurturer is important because as much as you believe in you it’s always better to have support. In whatever road you decide to take you will at times doubt yourself and even lose faith in your vision coming into fruition. The nurturer nurtures you and and your vision in the valley depths and on the mountain tops. Your vison needs this.


  1. The Buttkicker- This person can sometimes seem the opposite but they also want you to achieve. The buttkicker says things like “Stop the pity party” “have you looked into these options” “Do it over again” The buttkicker tells you what you NEED to hear and NEVER what you WANT to hear. Your Vision needs this.


  1. The Amplifier- Do not think of this position as a P.R person. The Amplifier knows your vision, you communicate the intricacies on what you are trying to achieve. This PERSON SHOULD BE SOMEONE YOU SHOULD TRUST. Don’t let the Amplifier be someone who will bash, tell, and/or steal your ideas. The amplifier is the person who finds ways to add to you, Not to take over or tell you what or how to do but someone who brings different perspectives and other suggestions that you can use. The Amplifier is a strong advisor who is always finding new ways to help you to stand out and shine. Your vision needs this.


Its also good to make sure that the company you keep are people of positive minds and hearts. I

I have these people in place, and my vision is healthier than it’s ever been. I love my community. I continue to monitor who and what I surround myself with.


In your plan, passion, vision, and/or entrepreneurship what does your community looks like? Is your vision healthy? Do you have these people? Take a look and see.

Let me know what you think! Comments welcomed below!