Levels of love..is getting what we want really complicated?

These last few years I’ve learned that some of the people you love or would want to love (enjoy and keep around)  can be so fickle, and the people that are constants in your life can be the most difficult. Of course, being in control over the people/or type of people we love is very unrealistic. Love on its various levels family, platonic, romantic etc. can be perplexing. It took me such a while to learn my love languages and for the larger part of my life I hadn’t known what love languages were. Who really goes around saying “A, B, and C are my love languages and this is how I respond”. Even if those conversations are had it doesn’t mean the person will either understand, comply and/or reciprocate….and if they did would that really solve our problems of life, communication, and/or intimacy. At some point if we all do some evaluations we will see the type of love we chase after and the type of love we have but don’t fully appreciate are patterns that may indicate something deeper about ourselves. This post may be more for me than any other person but I’d thought I’d share it anyway. In my case I’ve decided to be grateful for the love I already receive and put my intention out into the universe to send the love that I’d like to have. I truly believe that the people we are attract the people who will surround us. If I set my goals to enhance my person then the community I will gain will also be enhanced. In the meantime there is no definite answer in this constant changing world we live in and there’s no need to solve the world in one day. Step by step and inch by inch life balances itself.

“If you treat happiness like a goal it will always be elusive, and if you practice gratefulness happiness will be a lifestyle.”-tnahpele.