March Madness

March madness….

This month has been a whirlwind! They say that a lot can happen in a year. A lot can happen in a day, week, or month. In my case I guess you can say I suffered a loss. I felt defeated and lost confidence in myself. I let my circumstance speak to and influence my identity. I realized after this loss that my circumstances will be just that!!! Circumstances! I’ve learned through this loss that it doesn’t change my identity and it doesn’t invalidate my talents, my gifts, and my purpose. I’ve been so blessed to say that I have amazing friends and family that pushed and challenged me to get up and continue to walk my path. DON’T MARCH TO THE MADNESS! Madness is all around us and it encourages us to live and judge ourselves by it. I can honestly say that this loss or I should call it “Lesson” has strengthened me and made me realize that I must in every way live life on my own terms. Doors that you walk through are there for you to do just that…you’ll never stay in that room because there is always another door. There is no arrival point only the progress that will build your character and shape the person you are destined to become! I have written a song that speaks to the very point of this blog. The song will be released within the next week and I’m super excited to share it with you all because I know that it will touch someone somewhere. Don’t MARCH TO THE MADNESS….LIVE ON YOUR OWN TERMS!