The Things I’ve Learned.26

The things I have learned…26

Know thyself/Edit thyself: I have made mistakes, broken some trust, lost some people, and offended some people. I know I’m not perfect and I also have learned not to take responsibility for some things as well. Sometimes you lose people because they aren’t meant to stay, and sometimes you lose people because of actions you’ve taken. I’ve learned so much about myself these past few years. I know that everyone can’t/won’t like/accept me. I have to live in my truth anyhow; Even though I have to live in my truth I also know how to be honest with myself. Sometimes I do ask myself “Was that necessary? Was that kind? Or “Maybe you should change your attitude about this”. I have learned to keep a balance with knowing who I am and also changing who I am. This is one of my lessons so far.

Know others/Create Boundaries: Sometimes people cringe at the phrase boundaries. Some people also confuse boundaries with not letting people in or being vulnerable.  Bob Marley once said “The Truth is everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for.” I take this quote to mean “its okay not to be vulnerable with everyone”. I only let down walls when I trust someone and when it comes to meeting new people trust takes time to acquire. Sometimes you have to learn (sometimes the hard way) that people will be themselves. It is your job to accept them being themselves.  Your job is to navigate how to be you and how to be you in the same world (where others you may dislike) will be themselves. This is not an easy task but the more you practice the better you become at being a SOLID you. Knowing Others and creating boundaries most times go hand in hand for example….If I know that my uncle is a “Tell All book” that constantly updates others when it comes to my life then I probably won’t share many things with him. This is a healthy boundary.  It would take me to know things in order to set healthy boundaries. I can’t take this personally and I have to understand that this is who my uncle is. (I really don’t have this kind of uncle…just an example)

Move/Speak/Do with purpose:  My Mentor Charles Brooks has always told me to ask myself “What is the purpose of this.” This question can be asked of every action, every statement, and every belief, everything I eat. If you don’t have an answer when you ask yourself, chances are there is no purpose and it’s time to do something, think something (etc.) else. So many times I will find myself doing, saying, or thinking something and then I realize later that there was no purpose for any of it. One of my daily prayers is “Lord let me live intentionally today” Sometimes we take actions and say things without even thinking it through. Don’t let your mouth or your feet move before your mind.  Be Intentional.


What others think of me is none of my business & I need to forgive myself: Actually these two things a lot of times go hand in hand for me.  I’ll have an embarrassing moment or not filter myself as much as I should/could and I end up reliving every word said and every action said that I realize I probably shouldn’t have done. I think on what others may have thought or how they could’ve interpreted me. YES I am a very overly analytical person.  What I realized over time though is things happen that sometimes I don’t mean to and sometimes there’s nothing I can do about them once the moment’s passed. In that effect I’ve learned to forgive myself. So I can’t keep saying in the car ride home “Daniel that was SO STUPID HOW COULD YOU?” lol I give myself a chance to say it once and then I remember that I’m a beautiful flawed human and it’s time to let it go.  Tomorrow is a new day. What other people think about me is none of my business. Whether people think I’m awesome, funny, cool, sexy, horrible, etc. It’s totally their opinion and I can’t rob them of it. At the end of the day I’ve got to be happy with what I put out into the world.


Walking into my 26th year…..I’m overall happy of what I’m INTENTIONALLY putting out into the world.  To my haters and lovers thank you and –(peace&love)-